Thursday, 1 December 2011

Experience of creating this blog.....

There was a little bit of trouble with the blog as I'm completly new to this XD. I think blogging can help in learning by allowing us to reflect and think deeper into the subject/activity/actions.Thinking deeper will allow our curiousity to help us explore and gain information which we may be able to apply to projects or work in the future.Blogs will also allow us to relieve stress by "telling" about our feelings and not to bottle our emotions which may cause depression or other forms of cyclogical damage.
Peace out,

When I read that life changing letter .........

When I read the letter , I was overjoyed that I was accepted into SST...... Getting into a good school that will give me good support for my dream and my future. My parents were happy too as they knew that SST would be a good learning enviroment for me. I love the teaching style of the school /teachers so I was on cloud nine . I was so scared I would be rejected like I was for two other schools I applied for . Now that I'm going to SST and have my next four years of my life in safe hands.....I can heave a sigh of relief....but I know it will not be easy to accomplish my goals so I will definetly work hard ! :)